Alessandra Dianin’s sculpture made of chocolate, ancient technique, however, resolved with a very contemporary language, in the best tradition of a food art playful and intelligent, she offers a kiss ‘distance’ (the act presented is delicate, the warmth of a contact can hurt and melt). The flora and fauna of Isabella Paris are as complete forms, solid, three-dimensional, stitched, padded and lined with materials of life (for fabrics all day, but noble fabrics scraps and a bit ‘like us mortals, animals evolved, sentient and controversial) ready to face the world also and above all with their lacerations that show hidden crevices of life, moments escaped to the personal experience of the work (artist, I imagine myself).
Guidotto clear in the paintings shows scenes of everyday life, real objects, tangible but which sometimes lack the volumes, under construction, as presences that a little ‘time to show you the world gaining weight and substance. The colors he uses are real, solid, everyday, smears are first tentative appearances imagine then more and more decided, shadows that delineate small shared narratives.
The paintings of Lucia Apolloni are openings, windows on an intimate dimension, presented in the center of the painting: representations of a personal as you want, absolutely wants to show to the world. Statement that the artist paints first with modesty, slowly and timidly, but then decided to act more and think.
Katarina Strugar paints with and the environment: using your body movements, gestures to accompany the signs. His painting is very textural, is body, stratification, at the same time the same subject is denied, canceled through veils that hide: an afterthought, an unwillingness to grant that the young artist being applied at the end of his personal duel with the work.
Enthusiasm and common purpose of these five young artists shows how style and different techniques they can tell stories and give much shared the same time to the work of each of mature and develop through constant interaction with the stories and paths Personal of the other, just like the warp threads of a plot in a plot: single elements assembled to form a common alphabet.

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