Born in Pordenone, He received in 2009 a diploma in industrial design at the State Institute of Art “Henry
Galvani” Cordenons. In the same year he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice at the faculty
of “Painting”, where he graduated in 2012 with 110/110 and praise. He is currently enrolled in the
Master of “Product Design” Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. In 2013 he founded his own design
studio “interno99” with Sara Moretto.

His works tell of anguish and loss of contemporary man. Reminiscent of the horror movies masks and popular culture and literature of Pirandello’s works. Each character created by the artisti identifies an individual oppressed by the common life, who loses track of his True Self.
The use of color is intense and symbolic in details and describing the eclipse of individual identity, as in the last works Edward (2011) and Bob (2011), where the blue pigment obscures the face expressions.


-Who art you? 2, Mostra collettiva Spazio Concept, zona Tortona, Milano, 2013
-Arte in Sarpi, Mostra personale Ottica Giudici, via Paolo Sarpi, Milano, 2013
-ArteLaguna Prize, Premio ArteLaguna, l’Istituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, Venezia, 2013
-Les Couleurs de l’Âme, AccorsiArte, Daniela Accorsi Gallery, Torino, 2013
-Lost in chaos, Artgallery Milano, Palazzo delle Stelline Institut Francais, Milano, 2013
-Ecology of mind, Cantiere CorpoLuogo, Forte Marghera, Venezia, 2012
-95esima collettiva Giovani Artisti, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, 2011
-Genius Loci, collettiva artisti, Magazzini del Sale, Venezia, 2011
-Pantagruelica, Fluida Art Gallery, Venezia, 2011
-In nome della madre, Palazzo della Loggia, Motta di Livenza (TV), 2010

-Who art you? 2, Selezione mostra collettiva, Contest internazionale, Milano, 2013
-ArteLaguna Prize, Selezione Under25 Premio ArteLaguna, Venezia, 2013
-Selezione Les couleurs de l’âme, concorso a cura di Daniela Accorsi, Torino, 2013
-Artista del mese, Ottobre 2012, ArtGallery Milano, 2012
-Artist Wanted Miami “Art takes Miami” “Top 100 Finalists + Award Selections”, Miami, 2012
-Selezione 95esima collettiva Giovani Artisti, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, 2011

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