C r e a t i v e E n e r g i e s in M o t i o n



was founded in march 2011 in Venice to promote young talented artists who work independently, seeking sponsors and partners to make possible each show or future event.

T h e   p r o j e c t 

In the techno-liquid society art has become a frame. We are perhaps now more prone than once to its fruition, but we can absorb so much and so many different kinds of arts without anyone of them manages to touch us deeply.

These days, fairs and biennals surprise us with an unexpected audience participation. A renewed interest driven by collectors and curators of worldwide reputation. In the balance between the contradictions and ambiguities of his social environment, man has tamed the art until it is harmless to devote himself unreservedly to the religion of self-satisfaction. However, societies need healthy art, of what challenges the society itself, its rules, its values, its beliefs.

We have imagined a space to set up a dialogue between art and criticism, literature and music, to encourage the meeting, the production and exchange of ideas, images, forms and representations of our times. Our aim is to establish relationships among emerging artists, art critics and collectors through solo and group exhibitions, talks, workshops, laboratories, to spread the message of artist’s works to a wide audience.


W h y   in  V e n i c e ?

Venice is a city that historically has been synonymous with culture, international, hospitality, history, which interacts with the rest of the world and is an international showcase for contemporary art. However there are no spaces reserved for emerging artists to the city is rich with art institutions operating at all levels of study. We thought of an exhibition space – laboratory where anyone can win it does not have visibility of the art market and addressing the audience of collectors and enthusiasts, a place that is a meeting place for different contexts, as a collective art, authors, designers, curators and art critics, who work as independent promoters of creative alternatives.

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