In 2011 he graduated with a first level degree in Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He recently participated in several exhibitions at the Cominelli Foundation in Brescia; the Sale Docks in Venice and at the National Fine Arts Academy in Sofia.

Jacopo Pagin expresses himself  in painting, engraving, drawing, photography. He produces images and critical or ambiguous situations rather than irritating or surreal, to stimulate the viewer mentally with doubts and reflections on everyday topics not even accepted.

The relationship with the opposite sex, with your, sex with animals, with food, with parents, with money, with objects, with sin and guilt, with love and with all otherfeelings, too terrible, you can get involved.
These are all issues that often result inconflicting responses.

His works are an ill-concealed irony on display of sexual and aggressive instincts of man, and hypocrisies of everyday life. He proposes an original break from these experiences by claiming a total adherence to nature, to instinct and obscenity.

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